Watch My Interview With TJ & Quinn About “Deadly Plunge” & “Last of the Seals” & The New Digital Book World

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What’s the Dream Cast for a “Deadly Plunge” Movie?

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If the “Deadly Plunge” were made into a movie here is my idea about a dream cast.

Sam Slater
Sam is the male protagonist in the “Last of the Seals.” Sam is a San Francisco Seals baseball player as the story begins. He is at the end of his career in baseball and is beginning his career as a private investigator. Sam is a tough guy and was a war hero in World War II fighting on D Day and at the Battle of the Bulge.
The best actor to play Sam would be Jon Hamm (upper left) . He could portray a man who is admired by men and is attractive to women

Amelia Ryan
Amelia is the main female character in the “Last of the Seals”. She is a TWA stewardess and has fallen head-over-heels in love with Sam. Amelia has helped Sam unravel some mysteries and has shown a real knack as a PI. Amelia is 25 years old, blonde hair and big blue eyes. She is often told that she looks like Grace Kelly.
I think Evan Rachel Wood (left second row) would be perfect to play Amelia. An enchanting beauty who can be tough when she needs to be.

Vince Marino
Vince is a seasoned San Francisco Police Detective and Sam’s best friend. He grew up in a tough neighborhood in San Francisco and is known for his gravelly voice and tough demeanor.
Bruce Campbell (lower left) , who stars in the TV series “Burn Notice” as Sam, would be a great Vince. He certainly could be an intimidating, hard-boiled detective.

Maggie Bolender
Deborah Messing (upper right) would make a good Maggie Bolender. Maggie is the seductive, brassy social climber who hires Sam Slater to find out why her husband jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge and why he secretly owned a house on Eddy Street. Maggie also spends considerable effort to seduce Sam.

Arthur Bolender
Bolender’s sudden death begins the story in “Deadly Plunge.” He is a well-connected, rich, politically active San Francisco attorney. He has been developing increasing extreme political views which has been alienating some friends. When Arthur’s wife suddenly dies he falls under the spell of the sexy Maggie. He also secretly purchases a house where he begins plotting with a group of political zealots. Tom Wilkinson (lower right) would be a good Arthur Bolender.

Lt. Col. Stephen McKinnon
The intimidating Lt. Col. Stephen McKinnon would be well played by the tough-as-nails Chris Cooper (left, third row) . McKinnon is the fanatical leader of the political group meeting at the Eddy Street house who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Simon Blanco
Blanco is the ruthless ex-con who provides the muscle behind Lt. Col. McKinnon’s plans. The great actor Benico del Toro (right third row) would embody the menacing presence of Blanco who also develops an obsession for Amelia.

Vladimir Ivanhow
Actor Brian Cox (lower right) would be a good choice to play the Soviet diplomat Vladimir Ivanhow. Vladimir becomes involved with McKinnon and Bolender is plotting a political assassination in San Francisco. Ivanhow has clandestine meetings to pass secret documents from the Soviet Consulate.

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See New Trailer For “Deadly Plunge”–the follow up to “Last of the Seals”

Image 9
See the new trailer for “Deadly Plunge” which debuted on You Tube today. Buy Deadly Plunge for $14.99 for softcover and $2.99 for Kindle, IPad and Nook. Mystery and romance in 1958 San Francisco

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See What Reviewers Are Saying About “Deadly Plunge” — “It’s A Sure Winner”

Deadly Plunge is the second book in the Sam Slater PI novels, and it is a sure winner!

If you like action, romance and just general good reading you will love this book. Mr. Messel displays a unique writing style, that will keep you captivated with every page that you read. He doesn’t think that using foul language is necessary to make his novel “realistic”. It will take you back to a time in this country when people looked out for each other by their actions and deeds.

Follow Sam Slater and his girlfriend Amelia as they try to find out why a well to do and highly respected man in San Francisco took the deadly plunge from the Golden Gate Bridge. Many unusual events and people will come into play as the story unwinds. We will revisit another well to do family that used Sam’s services in his first novel. International events will come into play as Sam’s investigation for the wife of the dead man gets more and more complicated. Enter the FBI and Sam’s old friend Vince from the SFPD. As the story progress you will also be introduced to political activists in the realm of Senator McCarty and the communist hunters of his day. If you enjoy a good action adventure you will truly enjoy this wonderful novel. (Bless Their Hearts Book Review)

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Murder, Mayhem and Political Intrigue in “Deadly Plunge”

“Best-selling author Greg Messel will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page with his newest novel, ‘Deadly Plunge’”

Greg Messel gives readers the highly anticipated sequel to his previous novel, Last of the Seals, in this exciting and fast-paced mystery crime story, Deadly Plunge.  Once again, readers will be drawn in to the mysterious world of private investigator Sam Slater as her races against time to find the answer to his biggest questions yet.When a rich widow walks into his office swearing that her wealthy, successful husband didn’t commit suicide, Sam decides to take her case, unaware that the leads he’s about to follow are going to lead him on a dark and twisted path that will put his life, and the life of his secret love, Amelia Ryan, in danger.  Even though the dead man’s body was found floating in the deep waters of the bay and his car was parked on the Golden Gate Bridge, everyone who knew him swears he would never take the jump. 
Determined to get to the bottom of things, Sam and Amelia begin to uncover the hidden pieces of the dead man’s life. 
Among those pieces is a beautiful, old Victorian house; one even his widow did not know he owned.  Once Sam and Amelia begin investigating the house, they are on a path to disaster, as the political intrigue begins to unfold and men who don’t want them to tell any tales are on their heels.  Sam and Amelia must unearth the dead man’s secrets if they want to get out of this alive, and they’re running out of time.A brilliant novel that pulls readers into the glamorous world of 1958 San Francisco, Deadly Plunge is not only a sequel; it works perfectly as a stand-alone novel for first-time readers of Messel’s work.  Sure to please those who read Last of the Seals and entice newcomers to Slater’s world to read more of his story, Deadly Plunge is a thrilling ride through mystery, murder, mayhem, and some well-kept political secrets.

Reviewed by Jason Rutherford of



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Deadly Plunge Now Available At Amazon and Barnes & Noble

My new novel “Deadly Plunge” is now available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble for $14.99. It is also available on Kindle, Nook and ITunes for $2.99. Follow the links on the right to purchase your copy. “Deadly Plunge” is a stand alone novel but it’s the continuation of the story which began in “Last of the Seals.”
The mystery and romance continues in 1958 San Francisco

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Watch New Book Trailer For “Deadly Plunge”–the exciting sequel to “Last of the Seals”

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