Read Early Review of “Last of the Seals”


My latest book “Last of the Seals” is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
“Last of the Seals” revisits the world of San Francisco in 1958. It was a time of Ike, Elvis, ’57 Chevys and the last year of the San Francisco Seals.The new book will be the first of a mystery trilogy with two great characters, Sam Slater and Amelia Ryan. Sam is an aging minor league baseball player who is trying to make the transition to becoming a private eye.
Amelia is a TWA stewardess who falls in love with Sam and becomes his partner. Together they flee from a gangster hit man and try to find out who killed a young woman. 
Here is an early review of “Last of the Seals” by Todd Rutherford of

Last of the Seals: A Sam Slater Mystery by Greg Messel is a page-turning novel, chronicling the story of Sam Slater, a minor league baseball player who becomes a private eye after the San Francisco Seals are disbanded to make way for the Giants. 
This first installment establishes Messel as a master of the mystery adventure genre, proving that he is as talented at keeping readers in suspense as he is at capturing their emotions, as he did in such novels as The Illusion of Certainty.Slater’s new career immediately launches him into the middle of a mystery; his best friend and would-be business partner was murdered just before delivering photos to a client, making it evident that someone definitely did not want the photos to be seen and would go to any lengths to suppress them.  As Sam begins to unravel the mystery, he is threatened and bullied and someone leaves an ominous message for him at his apartment. 
The only bright spot for Sam is his new girlfriend, Amelia, a glamorous TWA flight attendant, who is endangered by Slater’s new career.  When it becomes evident that the mob is involved in his partner’s death, Amelia and Sam must flee San Francisco together.As the story unfolds, Messel keeps readers on the edge of their seats, anxiously turning pages. 
Messel captivates readers with his colorful cast of baseball players, TWA flight attendants, mobsters, socialites, philanderers, and murderers.The Last of the Seals interweaves the story of Sam and Amelia’s romance, as well as a nostalgic account of life in the Bay Area in the 1950’s, into the series of mysteries that Sam must solve. 
This spellbinding story will inevitably leave readers anxious for the next release in the Sam Slater trilogy, The Deadly Plunge, which will be available in early 2013.







About gregmessel

I've written six novels and am working on a seventh. My first three novels were "Expiation," "Sunbreaks" and "The Illusion of Certainty." I'm now working on a series of mysteries set in San Francisco in the 1950s. In 2008, I retired from corporate life and so I can spend more time writing. I spent over ten years in the newspaper business. I now live on Puget Sound in Edmonds, Washington, just north of downtown Seattle.
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3 Responses to Read Early Review of “Last of the Seals”

  1. hallenger says:

    Greg: Don’t know how you do it. I’m still looking for a publisher for Water Dog, my Aztec novel.

    • gregmessel says:

      Self publishing is the only way I have found to accomplish this. Marketing is a challenge but more and more is online. It enables you to keep writing and getting your books out there versus the long slog through traditional publishing.

    • gregmessel says:

      Thanks good luck. It’s sure not easy. An ugly atmosphere out there.

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